I help you to get your projects on track and successfully over the finish line.

As an entrepreneurial thinking, extremely experienced Software Engineering Manager and Coder I work as Freelancer or Interim CTO to make your projects a complete success.

Hello, I'm Jan Prill.

For over 10 years I have been leading software development teams with up to 12 developers. Most recently as head of development at MSP AG, an integrator of the Universal Content Management System censhare. Previously as head of software development for the classic car platform carsablanca. And far earlier, I had already assumed great responsibility, for example in a flagship project of the legal information service provider Wolters Kluwer.

I am proud of the demonstrable successes in numerous projects that have been successfully completed under my development leadership.

And just by the way: I am your Coding Lawyer. Your IT-implementer with admission to the bar. This will help you especially when you are just starting out and build your business/MVP together with me. Because I diligently take care of compliance and legal matters. In the area of my legal advice, I am covered by professional liability insurance.

Arrange a free call with me, then I will explain to you what I will do for you - completely free of charge:

I help your business to reach the next level faster.

Things are not going efficiently, well and fast enough for you? Your project is in trouble? That gets me going even more! Together we can do the job.

I work hands-off, as a manager, as well as hands-on in early phases of team integration, as well as for MVPs or your first eCommerce project. My technical expertise is broad. Among other things I work with:

  • Software design: Domain Driven Design, Event Driven Design, Functional concepts, Object orientation
  • Programming languages: I'm a pragmatic polyglot with Java, Kotlin, Ruby, Python, Swift and others
  • Frameworks: Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend Frameworks: React, Vue
  • DevOps / Serverless / Kubernetes
  • Postgres / Oracle / MongoDB / Neo4j / dgraph
  • SolR / Elasticsearch / ELK
  • PyTorch, TensorFlow, fast.ai

I create solutions, for which I gladly take responsibility, since I have skin in the game.

Without nagging, with the pure conscience of a person who gives his best , I build within a team, or alone Minimum Viable Products, start your eCommerce, or am your kick starter in the digitalization of your business.

Occasionally when an internal team is no longer properly motivated, it needs an impulse from outside. I love being that impulse. I build up islands of good behavior and before your team realizes it's working at full power again.

Maybe your team is missing a clear direction.

I value crystal clear communication. I have no problem demanding from other people what I myself am willing to give: The best performance I can get and the willingness to learn at all times. In this way I encourage the desire to perform and maintain it until the goal is reached. In order to then directly strive for the next success.

Let's push things forward.

Direct, empathic integration into your team

As a technologically polyglot and emphatic senior software engineering manager, I can be your translator if you are not at home in the depths of software development. Because I can convey my knowledge in a language that everyone understands.

I take the time to find out what really moves your company and your customers and find the problems as well as the opportunities. Then I go straight to work. You will be amazed at how quickly I anticipate what is important, ask the right questions and how quickly success is achieved.

I hit the ground running, in every technology, but with special speed in DAM, PIM and MDM.

I have the expertise of the IT specialist in retail. In the field of Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) (including GS1 and GDSN) you will hardly find more profound know-how than with me.

From many years of experience as development manager of an integrator for Digital Asset Management, I am particularly familiar with the food retail, furniture retail and DIY market.

I love recruiting and speak the language of the top developers you need for your business,

I speak their language, not just as a hollow catch phrase, but from real, practical, sometimes hard acquired experience. The best developers notice that. I get trusted faster than even the most sophisticated recruiter. And you know how valuable that trust is, right?

I build up entire teams, whether in-house, remote or freelance. I have the network and the ability to build and empower entire integrated teams in your company.

Alternatively, we can build a remote development team together. I can also handle the technical onboarding. You won't believe how quickly you can have a perfectly onboarded, integrated team in your ranks to drive your digitalization forward.

My service for IT talents

You are an IT talent and are in a transition in your career? Would you like to become self-employed, for example? Want to earn more money? Become a Software Engineering Manager or have other ideas for a career change? Then you can benefit from my coaching. Get in touch! And we will have an absolutely no obligation, free first conversation: